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Mulch Films | Captain Super Stron Reflective Mulch Films | Captain Polyplast Ltd.


What is mulching?

Mulching is a technique of adding a layer to the surface of the soil around the plant with plastic film which is called "mulch film". Mulching Film is made of polymers such as LLDPE and LDPE Material combined with additives to ensure long durability and bio degradable properties. Mulch films are available in various colors such as black-black, silver-black, red-black, yellow-black and white-black

Why should you use mulch film on your farm?

The mulch film is used to conserve the soil moisture which helps to suppress weed growth, regulate soil temperature and prevent water loss through evaporation. This results in better crop yeild. Mulch films are primarily used for growing food and vegetable crops over extensive areas.

Features of CAPTAIN Mulch Film

  • Early and better harvest
  • Enhances crop quality
  • Cleaner vegetables, maintains quality & beauty of fruits
  • Weeds control saves labour costs
  • Root purning is eliminated
  • Minimizes evaporation
  • Conservation of soil moisture
  • Reduces drowning of crops
  • Saving of energy
  • Optimum use of water & fertilizers
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