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The need for sustainability and the role of micro irrigation

The farming communities around the world are facing with water scarcity and depletion of arable land. Against this backdrop of resource constraint, the growing world population puts immense pressure toward increasing farm productivity and yields. Traditional approaches to irrigation are not efficient in tackling such a scenario. A multi-pronged approach combining technologies such as micro irrigation, solar water pumps, water soluble fertilizers, etc. is the right step toward sustainability

Micro irrigation - It is the one-stop solution for farmers as it reduces the requirement of various inputs such as water, energy and nutrition. At the same time, more land can be brought under cultivation with the same amount of water.

Solar water pump - By harnessing the solar energy to provide electricity to remote farmlands, solar pumps are long term solution toward ensuring energy security for farmers

Water soluble fertilizers - Application of water soluble fertilizers through micro irrigation vastly reduces the dosage requirements while improving the efficiency and crop yields  

Captain's commitment toward sustainable farming

Providing sustainable long-term solutions towards the environment is not only a business at Captain but a commitment towards the environment. Our solution such as micro irrigation (Drip and Sprinkler), solar water pumps and water soluble fertilizers help farmers improve productivity while reducing the impact on the environment. In the financial year 2020, the company covered ~40,000 hectares of land under micro irrigation, saving around 20 Billion Litres of water or an equivalent amount of water to fill 8,000 Olympic size swimming pools. 

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