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Our Team | Captain Polyplast Ltd.


We, Captain Polyplast Limited believe in Teamwork. Teamwork is always leads to industries to increase performance, employee unity and company culture. Companies that must frequently develop new ideas or products using a project-based approach assemble teams in order to diffuse responsibility and to increase the number and diversity of ideas for the project.

Teamwork allows “Team Captain” the following benefits

  • Promotes Problem Solving
  • Improves Communication of Ideas
  • Increases Work-Flow Speed
  • Learning from Team Members
  • Feeling of Belonging

Two or more people working together also build upon one another's ideas, weeding out the weak parts and making the ideas better. Captain offers such encouragement to their people to share the problem and solve it by teamwork.

Captain’s Teamwork is the backbone of effective communication in company. Captain Always promotes teamwork conversation between employees regarding the task at their hand, possibly preventing employees from working in opposite directions.

When employees work together as a team within a company, every employee learns from one another. When a team is cohesive and works well together, it gives team members a feeling that they belong to something good.

Our qualified team member hold the skill set required to perform the assignment like Account & Finance, Marketing, Production, Quality, Dispatch and Human Resource.

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