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Solar Fence Energizer | Captain Polyplast Ltd.



Solar Fence Energizer is a modern day alternative to conventional methods of fencing to protect your crops & property. Solar Fence is an effective way to reducing losses caused by animals.

Why do you need a Solar Fence?

Crop raiding by herbivores like deer, rhinos, elephants, boars, domestic animals etc. is a major problem for farmers. Conventional techniques (digging trenches, ditches, hedges, stone piles, etc.) for protecting farms are costly and ineffective. Solar Fence which is powered by electricity generated from solar photovoltaic (SPV) modules is a cost effective solution to protect your farm.

How does a Solar Fence Work?

When an animal or human being comes into contact with the Solar Fence, they receive a sharp, short, painful but safe electric shock. The shock does not cause any physical damage. The solar fence acts as a strong psychological barrier as any intruder avoid coming into contact with the Solar Fence once they experience the shock. After a period of conditioning, the mere presence of the fence acts as an effective barrier even if it is not powered 'ON'.

Special Features

  • Existing posts can be made use of provided the corner / end poles are strong
  • The shock does not physically harm animals or human beings
  • The Solar Energizer Fence System conforms to National and international Standards

Advantages of Solar Fence

  • Keeps Animals Safe
  • Avoids Charged Fences
  • Easy to Find
  • Protects Nature
  • Controls Livestock
  • No Power Source
  • Use in Remote Areas
  • Shock through Vegetation
  • Easily Accessible
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Works for Weeks

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